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Punjab Technical UniversityWe are the authorized learning centre of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. Punjab Technical University is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) and by Distance Education Council (DEC), IGNOU, New Delhi. JIMMC Kanpur offers the B.Sc. course in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism and also the M.Sc. course in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism. PTU revises its curriculum periodically as per the industry requirements and offers latest subjects and technologies empowering the students to get a degree and the skills to be employable. In order to make learning easier, effective and interesting, PTU has started providing most of its course material in the SIM (Self-Instructional Material) format. SIM are closer to reference material than to learning texts. They are the instruments for learning which present the information in a detailed form and facilitate independent learning. Other than this, JIMMC Kanpur faculty members provide notes to the students either electronically or in a hard copy format.

Rules & Regulations

  • Every student will be issued a plastic photo student identity card which should be carried by them at JIMMC Kanpur and this should be produced at the time of PTU examination centre.
  • It is desired that students attend theory and lab sessions. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the problem should be discussed with the Institute.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to pay their fee within the deadline as communicated by the University. The fee has to be paid before the start of the semester as per the deadlines given in the academic calendar.In case the student doesn’t pay the fee within the deadline, late fee will be charged as per decision of the University. In case the student doesn’t pay the fee during the above mentioned period, the student will be deemed to have dropped the particular semester and may only continue in the next semester after remitting the requisite fee within the specified deadlines for that session.
  • The student will have to appear for the periodic tests and complete all assignments/presentations given to them for the purpose of internal assessment. Assignments given to students will have to be submitted within the specified time period. Evaluation of test/assignments/presentations by the faculty for the purpose of internal assessment will be final and binding on the student, unless overruled by the University.
  • Final examination will be conducted at the end of each semester. The exam schedule of Final Examination will be communicated to the students through JIMMC, Kanpur and on the website of the The grade of pass marks required is not less than 40% in each paper. Overall score will be calculated as follows:

Internal assessment     25%
External assessment    75%

If the student fails to clear any of the examination he or she will be required to reappear by paying a fee of Rs. 700/- per semester for each attempt whenever the exams are held, within the maximum duration of the course. The evaluation and marks declared for final examination will be binding on the students.

Detailed-Marks-Card or DMC shall be issued only to students passing all the subjects of the semester examination and internals. The Degree/Diploma/Certificate will be awarded to the student only if she/he has acquired a pass grade in all the semester end examinations and internals, within the maximum duration of the course. In case the student does not clear all the semester end examinations in the maximum time as mentioned in the course details, he/she will not be awarded any Degree/Diploma/Certificate. In such a case no refund of fee will be given.
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