Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune under its ‘Centre For Open Learning (CFOL)’ initiative in association with Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication (JIMMC), Kanpur, announces Short Course in Film Appreciation (05 days) in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Following are the details in this regard;

  1. Name of the Course: Film Appreciation Course
  2. Dates: 17th to 21st Oct. 2022 (05 days)
  3. Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (1 to 2 pm will be lunch break)
  4. Max. no. of participants: 70 (Course will be conducted only if min. strength of 56 participants is reached)
  5. Age:18 years &above as on 01st Oct. 2022
  6. Educational Qualification: HSC (12th pass). In exceptional cases, 10th pass may be considered
  7. Nationality: Indian
  8. Medium of Instructions: English & Hindi
  9. Venue: Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication (JIMMC), 620, Barra Bypass Road, W Block, Juhi Kalan, Saket Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208014
  10. Per Participant Course fee: Rs 3,600/- (base fee = Rs 2,952/- and GST = Rs 648/-)

     Course is excluding lunch, tea/ coffee, snacks etc.

Course fee of selected participants will be non-refundable, non-transferrable, non-adjustable, etc. under any circumstances. Course fee of all the non – selected participants will be returned within 07 – 10 days of the course commencement. However, Due to COVID19 (which is beyond the control of organizers), if the course is postponed OR cancelled, course fee will be refunded.

  1. Mode of payment: Online through SBI Collect (along with application form).
  2. Due date & time to submit online application: 03rd Oct. 2022, 6 pm IST. Application submitted after due date & time will not be considered.
  3. Selection Criteria: On First – Come – First – Served Basis. List of selected participants will be published on our website and selection emails will also be sent to all the selected participants.
  4. Course Director: Pankaj Saxena

Pankaj Saxena is an FTII, Pune alumnus with Diploma in Film Editing and Post Diploma in Film Direction. In a professional career spanning over three decades, Pankaj has written, edited, directed and produced a large number of documentaries, short fiction films, television programs, public service advertisements and news stories. He has also held senior management positions including those of Vice President at Discovery Channel and Head of Programming at BBC Worldwide. All through his work life, Pankaj has taken time off to teach Cinema at institutions as diverse as FTII Pune, Asian College of Journalism Chennai and KIIT University Bhubaneswar, among many others. He has also been a major contributor to FTII’s SKIFT initiative and has contributed to this Institute holding triple charges of Professor of Screen Studies, Academic Coordinator and Controller of Examination. Pankaj Saxena follows cinematic arts as a keen student and often holds teaching, training, lectures, workshops and panel discussions on subjects pertaining to this field.

  1. How to apply:

1. Click open the link – OR visit and further click on “SB Collect” which is at the top left, vertically 06th from left to right.

2. Read the “Terms Used”, then tick/ click on the ‘check box’ and further click on “Proceed”

3. Select All India in State of Corporate / Institution, then select Educational Institutions in Type of Corporate/ Institution and click Go.

4. Search/Find FTII Fees Account in Educational institutions name and click submit.

5. In the payment category select “O2 Film Appreciation Course (Offline)”.

6. Fill-up the application form with requisite details and proceed for payment.

7. Make necessary payment of Rs 3,600/-.

8. Once payment is done, please note “SBcollect Reference Number” (mentioned in payment confirmation receipt). This may be required for future reference. 

9. If possible, digitally store the receipt of payment. This can be carried out in one of the following ways;

(i) by taking printout of receipt of payment, scan & save it

(ii) by taking screenshot of payment (if using mobile) or printscreen (if using computer)

(iii) by simply taking a photograph from mobile

10. No document/ certificate related to educational qualification, age etc. is to be attached. Participants’ self – declaration in the application form is sufficient.

11. Terms & conditions: By agreeing to the terms & conditions in the application form, participants are confirming that they have read & understood the website advt. They are eligible to apply and fulfil all the requirements as stated in the advt. Further, participants agree that decision of FTII Director regarding admission to the course and its conduction in all respect will be final.

  1. Communication with participants: All communications with the participants will be carried out through email only. List of shortlisted participants may be published on FTII website and selection email will be sent to the selected participants on their registered email id.
  2. Accommodation: Limited accommodation (on first come first served basis) is available in JIMMC, Kanpur, on double & triple sharing basis for the participants on additional lumpsum payment of Rs 4,000/- (Double sharing)/ Rs 2,500/- (Triple sharing) (@ Rs 800/ 500 per day) excluding meals. This additional payment is to be made in advance in cash on 16th Oct. 2022 directly to the JIMMC authorities. Interested participants need to intimate the accommodation requirement in the application form without which the same will not be considered. The accommodation will be available from 16th Oct. 4 pm to 22nd Oct. 11 am.

As regards to the meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/ coffee), the same is available within campus on additional payment.

If any other services like laundry etc are opted by the participants, the same will be charged on at actual basis by the JIMMC, Kanpur, to the participants.

Participants need to assure general decency, decorum etc on the JIMMC campus and room allotment may be cancelled if same is not followed. All rights in this regard are reserved with the JIMMC management..

  1. COVID19 guidelines: All candidates will have to follow basic COVID19 prevention guidelines like wearing mask, face shield, maintain social distance and regularly sanitize their hands. Apart from this, all instructions/ guidelines as issued by State/ Central Govt., District/ local authorities and Organizers from time to time need to be followed.
  2. Certificates: All participants would be given participation certificate on successful completion of the course which will carry logo of FTII and JIMMC and will be jointly signed by FTII Director, JIMMC Director and the Course Director. Minimum 90% attendance is mandatory to get certificate.
  3. Queries: For any queries please contact
  1. Mr. Milindkumar Joshi, Assistant Outreach Officer, FTII, on OR OR call on 020 – 2558 0085
  2. Prof. (Dr.) Upendra Nath Pandey,  Director, JIMMC, Kanpur on OR 9415228228

Course Contents

Course Description

The course is an introduction to film appreciation, film history, film analysis and film production – fiction and documentary – from concept to final film.

Course Abstract

The participants will be exposed to the history of cinema and the development of the cinematic language. They will be encouraged to analyze a few selected films and taken through the process of film making – fiction as well as documentary. There may also be specific sessions on the impact of cinema on society and the process of preserving film and film heritage. Finally, there will be an opportunity for the students to explore the avenues for further learning of the film craft.

Course Objectives

Enhance the participants understanding of cinema in all its dimensions including aesthetic, creative, communicative, industrial and commercial. The course will impart skills in contextualizing an audio visual work, grasping the impact of its diverse elements and understanding its import and impact on the society.

Learning Outcomes

The course aims to equip the student with an ability to engage with cinema deeply. It teaches the student to contextualize a film in its historical, social, aesthetic and technological perspective and then goes on to explain the language of pictures and sounds and the meaning created by their design, juxtaposition and sequencing. Finally it explores with the students the relationship between cinema and the society.


Screening of films, lectures accompanied with presentations, interactive discussions, assignment for completion outside the class.

Who Should Take the Course?/ Benefits of undertaking said Course

Anyone interested in looking at cinema beyond the entertainment aspect and wanting to appreciate films for its genre, style & content and wishing to take cinema as career.