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teaching methodologyA variety of teaching & learning techniques are our USP. Lectures, Field Assignments, Case Method, Quiz & Debate Competitions, Group Discussions, Practicals and Project work are used to develop conceptual, creative and analytical skills. The Institute also promotes Sports, Cultural and other extra-curricular activities   that enables students to extend their knowledge beyond the classrooms.

The JIMMC advantage also lies in its unique teaching methodology based on CASE METHOD  wherein the classroom is transformed into a virtual professional experience that exposes the students to much more than the monologue of a teacher. This interactive method revolves around understanding from different perspectives the News & Events of far reaching effect . Students are prepared to grapple with the same kind of decision -making process and situations that a professional confronts on a day to day basis.

Everyday, a News or an Advertising or PR issue is picked up as a 'Case' and students are encouraged to examine 'What', 'Where', 'How, 'Why' and 'When' aspects and come up with the possible alternatives & impact like a professional.

Mass Media is a field where the best survive. At JIMMC, while news sense and theoretical knowledge sharpens the analytical skills, it's the practical training of core subjects of Reporting, Editing and understanding & creating Advertising that prepares our students for the real world, instilling in them the credo “I can do it”.

Mass Communication studies include a vast area of general knowledge and current affairs. Students are encouraged to read thoroughly English & Hindi news papers, magazines and watch news channels regularly for content analysis of news, events and advertisements.  This is the only way they can keep themselves updated on current events, the lifeline of journalism. Students are also motivated to increase their general awareness on national & international affairs, politics, business, sports, film & entertainment. Regular practice of translation from English to Hindi and vice-versa provides an edge over others. For better prospects of placement, students are trained in both Hindi & English typing on computer.

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