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 A Postgraduate Diploma in TV Journalism is a specialized program designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as professional journalists in the television news industry. The course typically covers a range of topics, including TV news production, reporting, writing, and broadcasting.

Below is an overview of the curriculum for a Postgraduate Diploma in TV Journalism:

  1. Introduction to TV Journalism: This module provides an overview of the history and evolution of TV journalism, including the role of television news in shaping public opinion.
  2. TV News Production: This module covers the technical aspects of TV news production, including camera operation, sound recording, lighting, and editing.
  3. News Reporting: This module covers the principles of news reporting, including news gathering, fact-checking, and interviewing techniques.
  4. News Writing: This module covers the basics of news writing, including news style, structure, and language. Students will learn how to write different types of TV news stories, including hard news, features, and investigative reports.
  5. TV News Broadcasting: This module covers the art of TV news presentation, including studio presentation, live reporting, and field reporting.
  6. Newsroom Management: This module covers the principles of newsroom management, including editorial decision-making, resource allocation, and workflow management.
  7. Media Law and Ethics: This module covers the legal and ethical considerations that apply to TV journalism, including defamation, privacy, and media regulations.
  8. Specialized Reporting: This module covers specialized areas of TV journalism, including sports reporting, business reporting, and political reporting.

Upon completion of the diploma course, graduates can pursue careers as professional journalists in the television news industry. They may find employment as news reporters, presenters, producers, or researchers in TV news channels or production companies. Further studies in journalism or media-related fields are also possible for those who wish to advance their career opportunities.

Career Options:

News Presenter, News Producer, Production Executive, Reporter, News Editor, Video Journalist, Content Writer, Proof-reader and numerous others.